Why I de-certified myself

I have better use for the bucks and therefore am NOT a scrum alliance ‚certified scrum product owner‘ anymore. Didn’t hurt at all.

I’m out, didn’t hurt 😉

Right after I completed my scrum product owner training I received the first message from scrum alliance. Congrats, please complete your profile online. I didn’t. Why should I? The following yearI received a couple of ad mails from them, but that wasn’t too annoying, it was quite ok. After two years they wanted me to refresh my course and pay again. 100 bucks I think, can’t remember. Why would I? I mean, wtf could I gain by refreshing my certificate? Imagine your university asking you to refresh and offering a short refresher for only 1000 bucks. Nuts.

Here is why:

1. Life long learning is about expanding my knowledge, not about paying for keeping the status quo. There are so many other fascinating things I’d rather learn on top instead of refreshing one certificate over and over again.

2. The content of the training was so self-explanatory, that I don’t need a refresher in a whole lifetime.

3. Certificates should be issued for really heavy stuff like ‚welding under water at night‘ or ‚teaching blind people which mushrooms they can eat‘. A certificate for ’scrum mastering‘ or ‚product owning‘ seems a little excessive to me.

So I’m out. Please leave a comment if you can prove me wrong. Have a good one, everybody! 🙂

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