Advanced Workshop and Event Playlist – Type „Action“

This is my favourite workshop and event playlist (type „Action!“)

Here’s the full playlist on YouTube (as a visitor you can even add your favourite videos to the playlist)

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Here are the tracks for every event phase in detail:

Phase 1 „welcome and immediate activation“ – You want to create an intense and exciting atmosphere without losing time and energy. Here are some tracks that will support you.

1 Brass against „gasoline feat amanda brown“

2 Bingo Players featuring Far East Movement „Get Up (Rattle)“

3 Swedish House Mafia „Greyhound“

Phase 2 „get work done“ – in this phase you want the attendees to concentrate, work in small groups or to brain write on their own. You need perfect background music:

1 stardust „music sounds better with you“

2 theophilus london „whine and chocolates“

3 the Prodigy „stand up“

Phase 3 „the stage is yours“ – when people show their results they need a little passion and courage. They should be ascertained and urged to u leash the freak inside to fully blow the audiences minds. Also you want to provoke deep discussions and honest feedback, so you should tracks like these:

1 parachute youth „can’t get better than this“

2 Deftones „Pretender“

3 die antwoord „i fink u freaky“

4 Deichkind „Hovercraft“

Phase 4 „get up, final spurt!“ – when the attendees start to get tired but there’s still so much to do, or you are THIS CLOSE TO A SOLUTION but need one last boost, you might want to tickle their brains with these tunes:

1 korn feat skrillex „Get up!“

2 Avolnation „Sail“

3 Daft Punk „Harder, better, faster, stronger“

I would be more than happy about your suggestions (with explanations please) in the comments below or on YouTube:

EN workshop and event playlist (type ‚action‘):

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