Sustainability, new work and purpose – and then?

What will be the next big words after sustainability, new work and purpose? I bet it will be future-proof, discipline and trust. Some industries have always relied heavily on them. Nothing new, but they will have a renaissance.

What’s next? Future-Proof, Discipline and Trust

FUTURE-PROOF: due to the speed and uncertainty of developments, burning questions will arise. Companies will try tobase decisions more on strategic thoughts, new working models and generated insights than on tactics, politics and wishes.

People will ask „does that project/action/decision make sense in the long run?“ „Will it help paving the (technological/cultural) way to a bright future for mankind?“ „Can we optimize and modify it easily any time?“ While sustainability asks „will it make sense tomorrow?“, futureability asks „will it make tomorrow?“

DISCIPLINE: As a consequence of individualism and lack of values and education, people will crave for passion, performance, compliance, reliability.

People will ask „what value do I really contribute?“ „What can I do?“ „Where would it lead if everybody behaved like me?“ „Is that ok?“ „What job suits me so well that I can perform easily?“

TRUST: As a consequence of data overflow, intransparent algorithms and commercialisation of everything. People will ask what and whom they can trust.

People will make substantial efforts to find out „on whom and on what can I base decisions?“ „Is x true?“ „What does he really want from me?“ „How can I gather experiences instead of opinions?“

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