What is the impact of agilification on workers councils?

#agileorganization and #workerscouncils: What does #agilification mean for #workerscouncils, #organizationaldevelopment and #HR?

Let’s think it through. If one day all teams are organized in something like #SAFe (Scaled Agile #Framework), every team and program might have built-in procedures and methods for change management, #continuousimprovement, #staffing, strategy, and #conflictsolving, such as #retrospectives, #changeguilds, #culturalguilds, #scrummasters, #devops, within themselves.

Some agilists go as far as saying agile organization and mindset is the solution for all our problems.

Can agile orgs design their daily way of working themselves? … manage their resources focused on business value, and improve themselves continously both regarding culture and processes? They might even want to be responsible for recruitment and people development. Interdisciplinary teams might integrate legal and finance.

So, if not only teams but complete divisions are fully self-organized: who needs stand alone departments for strategy, portfolio, org dev, hr, finance, legal? And who needs workers councils?

In the future those once powerful institutions might be integrated or out.

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