New Culture (of What?)

People are debating a lot about corporate culture these days. The discussions are mainly about how we should be, act, decide, collaborate or sometimes even how we should feel or think. Please hold on a second, everybody. To me that seems pretty hastily and shallow. Listen to people who took the time to think it through, like antique philosophers.

Cicero for instance said that ‚cultura animi‘ is the shaping or fostering of one’s mind. Culture was something you DO back then – a process, to cultivate something, to create it, to make something real. It wasn’t a set of buzzwords you should comply to.

Neither was it a status quo you cannot change, as some people say. Culture is what happens, they argue. No. That is nature. The philosophers knew to differ. In contrast, culture is all the man made things.

So, if nature = the things that happen and cannot be changed, and if culture = what people do – then what about the nature of people? If you cannot change what people do, because „it is in their nature“ – get rid of them.

What do YOU shape, create, make?

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