Organisations that are #TooFatForWorkout

My sport coach said: if you want to see unnecessary fat, jump infront of a mirror and observe what’s wiggling.

This guy is innocent. He needs his fat (sorry Mr. Walrus for using your pic)

Many customers ask for a „team workshop“. And when I ask what the status quo of their team is, I am surprised. They don’t have a vision, no mission, they haven’t even talked about business value, metrics, roles, way of working, necessary skills, culture, values… they don’t know their customers (!)… They just ‚work‘. And I wouldn’t even call them a team. How is that possible?

If you’re a consultant/facilitator, and your customer doesn’t know what his role in the org is – they are what I call ‚the fat of the company‘.

Lacking vision and mission, they

  • start doing silly stuff to play busy
  • start wars for territory
  • start redundant projects
  • increase complexity for all
  • bother others with ‚analysises of needs‘
  • waste resources needed elsewhere
  • are frustrated and poison everyone’s morale…

Too many teams like that make organisations #TooFatForWorkout. No power for improvement anymore.

This is not against the people involved! But when an organisation is too fat for workout, you need more than a team workshop. E.g. surgery.

So, work out while you still can, everybody. Don’t fear the sweat, fear the wiggle moment.